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Raj made the whole experience for our first trip to India. Excellent service for our 5 days with him, he took us to see so many amazing sites and places and told us the history behind it all. Great driver and always made us feel secure. He also found us amazing places to stay. Always found us great places to eat with very friendly and accommodating staff, and was a great laugh as well. If we return to India we would definitely be using Raj’s services again. Very nice bloke 5 star very professional service.

Tom ChinnTom Chinn

Raj is awesome. As first time guests to India, Raj went above and beyond to take care of our solace, provide food our visit to our inclinations, and show us neighborhood craftsmans that we couldn't have ever known about without him. He is private, active and an extraordinary conversationalist, a genuine delight to be with. The main way our experience could be better is it proceeds with him staying with us!


We recieved the most excellent service from Driver car India. Being new to India we weren't sure what was safe and what was not, we felt safe and well cared for the whole duration of our stay even on a 6 hour drive from Delhi to Rishikesh. No request was too big and our drivers went above and beyond to ensure that we had the experience we wanted. Book this company when travelling to India. We'd highly recommend it.

kirsty vdlkirsty vdl

I had to travel to Delhi and it's surrounding areas for the past month i had very little to no time for booking accommodations or transport, Raj took care of everything for me. I had to worry about nothing basically. I really Appreciate all his time and effort to make me feel comfortable and safe to say the least i would definitely recommend this guy. He's the Guy you want to be with whilst in India.


My last day in New Delhi, traveling alone, I decided to use a private car to get to know the sights... super punctual, super recommend.. loved every place ... If you think about going to India, go with someone who really knew everything there.. thank you so much for all, and I come back for sure comes into contact...


Raj is the best. As first time visitors to India, Raj went the extra mile to attend to our comfort, cater our tour to our interests, and show us local artisans that we would never have known about without him. He is personal, outgoing and a great conversationalist, a true pleasure to be with. The only way our experience could be better is it continues with him coming to visit us!

Jeff GJeff G

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